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dimanche, mars 20, 2005

Who we are

Tunisian association for the defence of cyberspace (ATPD- Cyberspace).

ATPD-Cyberspace is a trilingual association (Arabic, French, and English) for bloggers' promotion and defence in the Tunisian cyberspace. It has been created to support our right as Tunisians of thinking, writing and sharing freely our ideas, information and opinions through different information and communication technologies.

ATPD-Cyberspace is a neutral non ideological association that aims to promote freedom of expression. It is not responsible of any blogs' content of its members which are all volunteers.

Working axis

The association work turns around three axis :

  1. The first one is about freedom of expression and freedom of using communication technologies. A workshop will have in charge to lead activities related to anonymous surfing, filters, domain names, respect of private life, public net surfing etc... It will also have in charge to register the different freedom of expression violations at local, regional and international levels. Finally it will have in charge to introduce ATPD-Cyberspace in an International Network of solidarity for the cyberspace liberation.
  2. A second workshop formed of lawyers specialized in information technologies will lead in cooperation with the first workshop, a legal work meant to counter the control measures used by the Tunisian legislator in the name of harmonizing with the International legislations. It will also compare the Tunisian legislation with the Tunisian Press Code and other legislations. It will legally defend the users of the Tunisia cyberspace and will legally act for the freedom of expression.
  3. The third working axis will be about the economical side. A workshop will be in charge to study the impact of the barriers that censorship has on knowledge and economical development. It will denounce the state's monopole on Internet pointing to the real disparities imposed between the different groups in the right to access Information society. It will call to opening the market of Internet providers to competition in order to reduce prices and offer better services to the Tunisian citizens. Finally it will show the negative impact of power concentration and the maintained confusion between the political power and Internet providers.

Actions and events

ATPD-Cyberspace will organise for the promotion and the defence of the Tunisian cyberspace two major annual events which are « Cyberspace Spring » on each March 20th, and « Free Information Society Day » on each November 16 th. ATPD-Cyberspace will also take in charge the Blue Ribbon Action for freedom of expression on the Internet that the group graciously gave up, in order to lead a fight against censorship and to claim the application of the fundamental principles of freedom of expression and freedom of information both on the traditional Medias and on the new technologies of Information.

Organisation and functioning

For security and efficiency reasons, the administration of this blog and of the Association itself will be insured by its founding members living abroad from Tunisia. An agreement will describe its bylaws, members' rights and duties. The founding members will establish the work frame, the functioning mode and the communication policy for the Association.